• Assorted pizzas with condiments and a glass of beer, overhead view
  • Assorted salads, top view

Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern

about us

One of Ruston Way’s first waterfront restaurants, Katie Downs has been owned and operated by the Hilger family for over forty years. Dr. John Hilger first opened our doors on October 17th, 1982, before passing it on to his son, Dan in 1989, who is now assisted by his son, Luke. As a multi-generational business, it’s no secret that we make family a priority. And to us, family doesn’t stop at the Hilger family. Over the years, Tacoma has become a part of us. We are proud Tacomans through and through, and love serving our community.

Local Brews & North End Views

A 21 and up establishment, Katie Downs has a lively tavern atmosphere fit for any season. Come those rainy November Saturdays, you can bet we've got the Seahawks game on, and a crowd of fans watching intently. In the summer, we open our patio, so you can crack open a cold one directly over the lapping waves of the Puget Sound. Available year-round are our banquet-style tables fit for animated conversation, plenty of food, and that sense of camaraderie Katie Downs is uniquely known for.

The Katie Downs Experience
We know Tacoma has a vibrant restaurant scene. Indeed, we're happy to be among so many businesses that contribute to the delicious dining landscape! But we also know there are some things that only Katie Downs can offer. Trying to decide where to dine next? Click below to explore why Katie Downs might be exactly what you're looking for.