Ruston Way Restaurant

Just minutes from downtown Tacoma, Katie Downs sits overlooking the expansive waters of Commencement Bay. Katie Downs was actually one of the first Ruston Way restaurants that currently stand today. Our patio is open for as many months of the year as possible - typically from mid-spring to mid-fall. We find that there’s nothing more peaceful than eating a meal to the sound sound of lapping waves, away from the rush of traffic and city life. From our deck, diners can spot a number of PNW landmarks that make Ruston Way views unique. Most notably, we are seated with a perfect view of Mount Rainier to the southeast. We also have direct views of Browns Point, Maury Island, and Vashon Island.

As a family-owned business, we love having a location that is so unique to Tacoma, because it represents both our home and the community we serve. Integral to the spirit of Tacoma is the seaport, located about 3 miles southeast of our waterfront restaurant, which is another feature diners can spot from our deck. As a result, our waterfront view is often dotted with ferries, cargo carriers, and navy ships, all of which are a reminder of how our city is so connected with the Puget Sound.

Being situated on the Ruston Way waterfront also makes Katie Downs uniquely accessible. Of course, we have plenty of parking for those arriving by car. But, we are also located directly off the Ruston Way boardwalk, making it easy for those who prefer to run, walk, bike, or even roller blade to dinner. And in our opinion, a happy hour with a view is a perfect reward for a finished workout. Feeling especially adventurous? Rent a paddle board and arrive by water (it's true - we've seen it before!)

If you're looking for a night on Ruston Way, Katie Downs is the perfect place to start. Grab one of our award-winning pizzas and then catch a movie at Point Ruston, just five minutes down the road. Or, take a sunset walk along the shore toward the Chinese Reconciliation Park. Whatever you’ve got planned, we know that a waterfront meal is the best way to kick off the evening.

For more information about our selection of food and drink, check out our menu. Or, get directions to Katie Downs and join us tonight.